Q:         I have had an accident in my car, will you help me?

A:         YES. We provide a free claim services where we will report the accident to your insurance company and liaise with engineers to arrange for your vehicle to be inspected and seek authorisation from your insurers to commence repairs.

Q;         The Accident was not my fault, what happens now?

A:         If the accident was the responsibility of a third party then we will contact them immediately to ensure that the incident has been reported by their driver and establish liability.  If liability is not in dispute then it is highly likely that you won’t even have to pay your excess.  Normally you pay your excess and we claim this back from the third parties insurance company. 

Q:         Will I get a courtesy car from my insurance company?

A:         Yes. But! There’s always a but! Your insurance company ensures that their approved repairer will supply you with a courtesy car for the duration of your repairs.  This is where we separate ourselves from the majority of the insurance brokers and insurance companies by advising you fully on the pro’s and con’s of a courtesy car.

            If you own a prestige vehicle then we strongly advise you to use the main dealer and not the approved repairer to ensure you do not invalidate any warranties on your vehicle.  Most insurance companies approved repairers are not main dealers!  What does this mean? It means that yes you can have a courtesy car so long as you use the approved repairer but it will be at the expense of your manufacturer’s warranty which we do not recommend.  The approved repairer will guarantee the work they do on your vehicle but they do not guaranteed your warranties.  We would ask you to obtain an estimate from your main dealer and will arrange for them to receive repair authority.  The main dealer should be able to supply you with a courtesy vehicle and you will be covered under their insurance policy to drive it.  Occasionally the dealer may not be able to add you to their policy and under those circumstances it is possible that we can add their vehicle to your insurance policy.

Q:        What if the accident is not my fault! what Courtesy Car can I qualify for?

A:         If the claim is the blame of another insured driver then by law you are entitled to hire a car equivalent to the car that you owned.  This is where our association with Accident Exchange comes to your assistance.  With their help they will provide you with a like for like Courtesy Car.  So if you were driving a Lamborhini, Ferrari or a Bentley then, subject to availability, that is what you will be supplied with.  If for any reason the same vehicle is unavailable then a similar car will be supplied.  This service is free of charge to you and all costs will be billed directly to the other drivers insurance company.  In the unlikely event that the costs are not recovered from the third party then you will be reassuringly pleased to know that the costs will not become your responsibility.

 Q:        How can I pay my premium?

 A:        We have every method available to us. Credit/Debit Card, Direct Debit, by Cheque or directly into our Client Account by Bank Transfer.